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RAD's Bi-Monthly Newsletter  | Vol. XIII, No.6 | December 2011/January 2012 |  www.rad.com

  Access Trends

To take a look at what the New Year has in store,
RAD at a Glance spoke with RAD’s Vice President of Marketing, Amir Karo, and Vice President of Sales,
Dario Zipris. Here is a synopsis of their comments.
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Upcoming Events  

PTC Expo

January 15-18, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Booth 30


January 24-26, San Antonio, Texas, USA, Booth 3016

  4GWE East (Co-lo w/ IT Expo)
February 1-3, Miami, Florida, USA, February 7-10

MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2012
February 7-10, Paris, France, Stand 203
Dr. Yaakov Stein, RAD CTO, will speak at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, February 9 on “Comparing Access Packet-Based Technologies.”


RAD European Solutions Design Seminar
February 20-23, Munich, Germany


22-23, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Booth 5134


EUTC ESKOM ICT Smart Grid Summit
February 27-28, Johannesburg, South Africa


Mobile World Congress
February  27-March 1, Barcelona, Spain, Israeli Pavilion, Hall 2, Stand C71.
Internal Stand 16

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RAD's commitment to the environment stems from our view of corporate citizenship and ecological responsibility and extends far beyond our adherence to environmental standards. Read more on our Green @ RAD page and see more in our new Green @ RAD video.

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RAD's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Yaakov Stein, blogs at http://raddata.blogspot.com/
His latest posting discusses Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie.


Technology Trend

Secure Distributed Industrial Networks
The proliferation of Industrial Ethernet as the main infrastructure for mission-critical processes is raising concern about the vulnerability of these networks to cyber security threats. Any modern industrial automation network that uses Ethernet-based infrastructure needs to implement proper security measures. Due to the unique characteristics of industrial applications, existing security concepts from the enterprise world do not necessarily apply; and new security concepts for industrial control systems need to be defined and implemented. In this context, service-aware switches are the basis for an optimized network.

A new White Paper compares common security models with distributed service-aware security, and reviews the defense-in-depth tool set introduced by our RAD Group sister company RADiFlow.


New Product

Optimux-1032/1025, Version 1.0
Optimux-1032 and Optimux-1025 provide a simple, flexible, and cost-effective point-to-point solution for transporting multiple E1/T1 links and Ethernet over a fiber link to distances of up to 120 km (74.5 miles). The single-box solution for TDM and Ethernet offers a pay-as-you-go model by supporting initial deployments of partial capacity with license-based upgrades when needed.

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News Stories

RAD Wins Best Product Award for Carrier Ethernet Demarcation at Carrier Ethernet APAC Congress
For the second time this year RAD Data Communications has won a Best Product Award at a Carrier Ethernet Congress event.

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RAD Names New Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Yaakov Stein Has Served as the Company’s Chief Scientist Since 1999.

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RAD Joins TM Forum
The Forum offers all members a unique environment for the entire value-chain to collaborate on pressing industry issues.

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RAD Opens Office in Lagos
Avner Tsipori, from RAD’s Tel Aviv headquarters, has been named General Manager of the new office.

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